Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Start : 2010

Well, it has been ages since my last update! OMG!
I got a lot of things that I wanted to share but I do not have time. *busy huh?
But when I have free time, I feel like I want to sleep, I want to play, I want to blah blah blah but not writing blog :X

Chinese New Year is coming soon! but bus ticket already sold out .. I fail to get my ticket back to my hometown :( Asking help from sister whether she can get any for me :)

Time flies and I have been graduated from my colleage for 8 months! *why so fasssst!?
And I turn myself into a multimedia designer that do anything and everything related to do design.. and also a multimedia tutor and mainly teaching on interactive subject for now.

Hmmm.. what are the project I have been done in The One Interactive Studio..?

Storm Warrior 2 Comic Art Challenge
[team up with Reuben]

TOA Student Night : Kaleido 2010
[me myself]

+ Some rojak banner.. and design stuff..

and also rushing for an animation since end of Novemver.. A deadly month..till now!
and now it is done! waiting it to be show on TV during CNY :D
Hoho.. more screenshot after we are allow to publish it XD!

| Kurechii [ me + lydia + zyen ]

Please support us! We are creating our own games!
Kure..kure...kurechiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! 8D

Well, and I start playing online games again.. JX3!
It is a cool chinese mmorpg!
Must try it if you like chinese wuxia theme.

well.. thats it.. XD! Next updates? donno.. To Be Confirm :p

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kurechii - We won the IPCC Casual Games Competition

Yay! After donno how many sleepless night

Before you start, all picture below all are copy from zyen's blog!
Thanks for her kindness for allowing me to use her photo T____T
You can visit her blog at
She has the post for Kurechii win the ipcc as well!

especially the few days before submission..
cause me to late for work and sick summore...

Finally! Its worth! As we are still young?!
Uhhh! Not really! You are old man d Yiwei(cough)
Old man = Yiwei = Businessman ?! Have to look like a businessman as we are going to propose the business and marketing plan as well! \ ____ /

Anyway! Me and my team - Kurechii won the IPCC's Computer Casual Games Competition 2009. They are Zyen and Lydia! Without both of them kurechii wont be rockss!

(picture are directly copy from zyen's blog! oops.. sorry!)

Yes! We promise as we will spend the grant wisely and finish up the game on time!
I do not what to say much but just wanted to tell you guys.
I am so happy !
One step forward to my dream! I love to create games! I want to bring more excitement to the world! Hoohooohooooo!

Serious preparation before the presentation! Zyen is taking the camera so you cannot see her pretty face! :(

Kurechii has setting up a page and group at Facebook - Please support us and become our fans!
Big thanks to you if you be part of us!

Thank List
Special thanks to Reuben for borrowing us his laptop for our sudden rush!
Special thanks to Vincent for his laptop too during the production time!
Special thanks to Hazmer and Jordan for sharing their knowledge! Without them we will not know how to plan a cool game.
Lastly I would like to thank my teammate! Thanks Zyen coolest graphics that even Judge fall in love with her graphics and Lydia for awesome copywriting and presantation!
Thanks to TOA-MMDept for supporting me and Sweii allowing me for the emergency leave!
Thanks my father my mother....

Thanks Zyen for the photos!

Wai! You enough liao or not!Stop it!

But omg? where is Zyen?!
Here you go!



Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Yiwei
! :D
I wish myself a happy birthday.. yea.. thanks for the wishes from sms and facebook, thanks zyen.vincent.lydia.reuben & fann for giving me birthday suprise!
I am so happy!
This will be a unforgetable birthday for me!

Yeah! 24/7 is my birthday!
not 24 hours 7 days per week operate kind of service
but is 24 of July \ _ /
Please remember it~! :p Save in into your phone, write it on your wall or whatever creative ways that help : )

I seldom update my blog, since post untill now,
- I have got graduated!
- I have work for 3months!
- I age has been increased!
- I got some prizeess!

I will post up my graduation picture later!
I own you guys my workspace photo!
I dont think I wanted to show my IC
I will list them out later!

Thanks for reading my blog. very boring yesss! very plain yesss! need a lot of IMPROVEMENTS YESSS! Watch too much of {YES MAN} keh?


Monday, July 6, 2009

Vote for Yogipoco!

Wohoo! I slept at 4am last night and send the last piece of submission of the competition. Finally!! I finished IPCC Casual Game Challenge! (Part A)
What is Part B?
If we got shortlisted then we will have to go for Part B!
I have been busy for this competition for almost 2 months time.

This will be my routine for last two month >
After work go home > do do do..
Saturday Sunday > script script script!
I AM A Non-stop working machine!
Thanks for my group member - Baba Zyen! As well as Megu Lydia! :3
Without them I don’t think I submit a awesome game pitch proposal and document!
I hope I could share a bit on our project but due to the rules and contract all of the content have to be PnC so.. I couldn’t publish it here :(

Within the limited timeline and team members
I have to -“long zong bao ka liao” (all also have to do)><” From Game Design Document to Game Art + Design from Planning to Programming Well at least now I can rest for a day! Actually just a night ... cause few more task are queering up for me to settle D:!! Ok is enough for mumbling!

YOGIPOCO is now release and available at internet!
Try google for Yogipoco and you will get to a lot of content for Yogipoco !
I quite surprise that there are people actually creating content for my Yogipoco.
They play and then they write and post a walkthrough for Yogipoco.
There is one guy actually record it and post it at the Youtube! :D
I would like to take this opportunity to thank them!

and now I need your help to Vote for Yogipoco!

Vote 5! for Yogipoco @ Newgrounds (No Membership require) *
DAILY (if you do really love Yogipoco please vote for it everyday for JULY ! :D)

Rate 5! For Yogipoco @ Kongregate (Need to become a member - easy registration only)

Thank for your time! and hope I can win few prizes for Yogipoco!
hehe! again BIG THANK for supporting me n Yogipoco!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally! Updatesss

It has been super long time that I didt update my blog! OMG!
the last post was about Chinese New Year :X
Well.. I been quite busy right after CNY.
I got graduated and straight away start to work! 15/4/2009
And SO FAST! Today is 15/6/2009!
I been working for 2 months already!
As The One Academy Multimedia Tutor + Designer! Wooo

I am tutoring for few subjects like Game Art & Planning , Advanced Digital Media, Digital Media 2, and Digital Photography :D ! Meet with a lot of cool and passionate student! They are so awesome *0*

Multi tasking O_O tutoring + designing

1st task was to design some poster
2nd was update and coding in AS2 ( time travel back! )
3rd was MM Got Games Event!

From time to time I am developing my own games after work. Yogipoco will be release soon! Graduation ceremony is coming soon..! I miss my friends! Hope to see them soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Actionscript Lesson

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fatt Cai!
Today I would like to give you guys a tutorial about IF statement in AS 3.0

First open up your Adobe Flash CS3! No other software!
Only Flash allow cause Adobe FLASH is in red. GONGXI GONGXI!
(WARNING: Pantang for open other software cause they are not in red!!)

then press F9 then please type accordingly.

and then press CTRL+ENTER to see the result.

the conclusion will be CNY+PROJECT = KSN :x
and sorry this is not a proper tutorial so please do not try this at home!

Sorry for doing boring stuff cause now i m so blured after start with lots of programming.
I have a lot of projects dealing with AS recently..
Well, I m also having internship now and my client is NCSM.
And then after 1 month ++ then I will be graduated..

so.. next time only post up with my final projects thingy .. it will be a mini game call Girigiri Run.. cya!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm back! @ Sunway

Sorry for never update since my holiday start... This is all because my world was totally suck into WoW :p And now holiday is going to end and I hope I can pull myself out a bit!
Amazing and exciting journey inside the Warcraft world! And now I'm lv60 (kekeke :D )

Photo sharing section!

A very fun quest as Montaku(Vincent) need to catch ghost in Stormwind Travel. He is working with his ghost buster machine! Pro ler!

My first mount :D when I am lv30
I prefer a white horse :3 but there were only 3 option :(

Eh?! Not fair! How come he can ride on motorbike one!

I get another mount when I am excilted with Night Elf (Darnassus) :p
It is Frostsaber! Cool rite?

A screenshoot before we go in our 1st dungeon -Death Mine!
What a weird combination team with 2 short guy :p

Well.. Because I am tall I have to tank D:

Sweet memory as all of us meet together ! Allayna and Zyen have their trial and we bring them to dungeon ! kekeke!
Damn alarm now become part of our memory in WoW!
(Those who are involve sure know what I am mentioning XD)

Chirstmas in WoW! Cute rite ? My mount suddenly turn into reindeer !

And I hate Death Knight! How can I love them when I was dead then raise me as this ulgy ghoul?! D:

And now I am lv60 :D with new mount! It is really fast!
The achievement for getting this mount is Fast and Furious neh!

Sometimes I wonder why Vincent don't play as Human.
Cause there is a model really look like him :p

And how come he choose to be come shorties Gnome?
Why huh!?

I start to understand why he choose Gnome as his race and Gnomish Engineer as his Proffesional. I think this make him to take this path!!

Power kan? this specs...
(Only can wear by Gnomish Engineer O_O)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Day

I have survive after this scary Monday and Tuesday presantation and interview section.Finally I was able to went through it... but it was so tough as in many bad things come together :( The only fan in my room just spoiled just as my brain ><" It suddenly just not working after his 2 years of service


Oni-Oni-Oninja World that I created. I name it Mitohitoland :D
I did create some games and one animation for Oni-Oni-Oninja~ will upload it soon!

I still got 3 more projects left even after so many tough days. Business proposal, portfolio, 3D and Game Art and Planing. Why projects never end one.. But holiday is coming soon! 3 more weeks to go! Chiong ah~~!!

Tml I need to repair all my stuff and messy room.. Fan.. how am I going to sleep tonight with such a hot whelther.. O_O

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Final Project

This coming Monday will be my presantation for my Final Project Studio 1 and my Oni-Oni-Oninja will be born at that day too! :D I would like to share more about oninja with you guys after my presantation. Currently is super duper busy just for the FPS! Gambatee Yiwei~!!

Right after my presantation for FPS, Tuesday will be a interview section.. GANJEONG! ><" complilation of portfolio need to be show.. :S so.. gambateh yo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Sport Car - Nissan 350z

Sorry for long time never update my blog.
I own a new car ... Can you believe it?
It is Nissan 350z :P
Here is my poster for my new car! Darrlang~!

Converted from CMYK to RBG so it is a bit dark ><"

I was very busy lately as there are still many projects wait for me to be done T^T. The worst things will be most of the projects dead line meet together which is 2 more weeks from now. So.. gambateh lo..

This car is actually construct by using Lightwave 3D 8.3
It is took away all my weekend for last 2 months..
And this Nissan 350z will take 60hours to render if you on the "kiasu" mode radiosity..
I try to render one with radiosity in smallest size in VGA 640x480 with 2000ram it tooks me 9 hours! So.. take the lesson as don be kiasu or else take years to be rendered...
AfterI summited my poster design for this car, I still have a following project which is create an animatic or web design by using this car.

I was thinking for an animatic piece but in the end I run out of time to be figure out time-based stuff and I just go for interactive website which I quite familiar with. I have 3 more weeks for this. So when I am finished the website I will be share at here too. So if you are intrested then you got to wait for few more weeks lo :)

Anyway thanks for viewing my boring post with a lot of grammar mistake ><" ( you can let me know so that I can improve more on my english.. ) and for 2-3 more weeks my porfolio website will be get online too :D!

And now.. I am going to stress myself again.. PROJECTS!!
I wish for Holiday ~~T^T